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This is How You Grow Your Presence on The Internet

This is How You Grow Your Presence on The Internet

This is How You Grow Your Presence on The Internet

Are you just starting your first business or are you looking to expand? Then this post is for you as here we are going to layout a plan for you to grow your business online, starting with the very basics and ending with more advanced stuff to save yourself a lot of time so let’s go.

Setting up the basics

Get yourself a website, obvious right? If you already have a website get yourself listed on the most popular social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, or whichever platform is most appropriate for your business.

Get your website seen

There are two ways to do this, both will cost you money, it’s just how you spend it so without further ado:

  1. Organic search – rank your site in Google that is, the most efficient way to accomplish this is to buy guest posts at real sites, unfortunately, there are tons of fake sites out there so you want to do some research and avoid forums like the Warrior Forum and Blackhat World as they only sell spam there. When you Google something like buy guest posts you also have to be cautious as many guest post sellers are selling PBN links instead, so get yourself a subscription at Ahrefs, ask for a significant sample of sites (if they refuse to provide that move on), and run a batch analysis on it to observe the traffic levels. If most sites have no traffic then forget about it and move on to the next.
  2. Paid search – I can talk long about this but we’re talking about Adwords here, you select your keywords or sites to place banners on and you end up paying per click or impression. Once you stop paying the traffic stops as well so it’s more of a short-term solution that you want to utilize in the beginning, once you rank high in the search engines it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to keep paying for ads.

Grow your social channels

For this, you can use bots but before you head into that you want to at least build a following of a few hundred real people, simply by engaging with people inviting friends/customers/acquaintances, maybe even family members. Once you have that in place you can look into tools to gain free followers like explained here by Jonathon Spire. The post I’m linking to here is specifically about Instagram so if that’s not your place of choice then don’t waste your time clicking on that link. If you’re active on Twitter you can pay them a visit as I saw they also host a list of the best Twitter automation tool.

For anything else, do your own research or subscribe to our site for more posts explaining how to grow your online presence.


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