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Want More Engagement on Instagram? Do This

Want More Engagement on Instagram? Do This

Want More Engagement on Instagram? Do This

Your level of engagement is everything on Instagram. The more it is, the higher the likelihood of your brand getting the attention it deserves. And, it is not that hard to get a healthy level of engagement. Here’s what you need to do.

Stick to your Niche

You don’t expect to engage with lots of people if you focus on unrelated industries to your product or business. If you’re a graphic designer, for instance, it makes no sense to talk about beauty in your posts. Of course, people will ignore you and move on to a relevant account. So, be specific and address what your audience would like to read or see.

Use a Growth Service

You see, you must get enough followers to gain a level of engagement worth talking about. More than that, you have to leave likes and comments of your follower’s posts. And, this is not the simplest of tasks. Keep in mind that you have to focus on other marketing opportunities to expose your brand.

So, consider using an Instagram growth service to help you bring the numbers on your side. On that note, if you were using Instagress before it wound up, you can visit The Small Business blog to view a list of alternatives and other companies that you can use.

Create Engaging Content

One of the easiest ways to boost the level of interaction on your account is to craft posts that are highly engaging. Come up with ways to entice your followers to look at your posts and photos for more than a couple of seconds. Make sure that your images are of high quality for a potential client to leave a like and follow you in the process.

Post regularly

People want to see and read something on your feed. And, they give up quickly if you don’t post regularly. So, create a schedule that will enable you to give your audience content to view consistently. You can even use a bot to schedule the post at predetermined intervals, say twice or thrice a week.

It is crucial to mention here that you should be careful with how regular you post though. Again, you don’t want your audience and target customers to think that you are spamming their feeds by posting too often.  At the worst case scenario do not go beyond 15 posts in a day.

The Bottom Line

Instagram can scale your brand to unimaginable height if you perfect the art of doing it. Learn all there is to discover and device ways to make your business stand out. Let your followers fall in love with you and what you do, whether you’re a fashion designer, artist, model or blogger.

Finally, don’t forget to research on popular hashtags. Know what is trending in your industry and give it to your audience. People want fresh content that is informative. Grow as many followers as you can. Dominate your space. And, when you become an influencer, know how to use your status to make money!


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